What Can Be Mediated?
Most any conflict can be resolved if the people are willing to
work in good faith.  Such types of conflict are:
  •       Divorce
  •       Family Issues
  •       Business/Business
  •       Consumer/Merchant
  •       Neighbor Conflicts
  •       Employment Disputes
  •       Civil Rights
  •       Landlord/Tenant
  •       Probate
  •       Temporary Restraining Orders

What’s the Process?

First there is a short conference to see if mediation is
appropriate.  There is no charge for this.  The next step is the
mediation.  This consists of a meeting, or series of meetings,
in which the mediator meets with the parties.  The meetings
usually last about 3 hours.  Agreement can often be reached
in one meeting.  The rate is $75/hr. per party, with the final
cost usually being a fraction of that of legal proceedings.
MEDIATION Hawaii